The homes are designed to offer all the necessary amenities to customers. The size
of the townhouses can be changed depending on the desires of customers.
The materials used and construction methods are all comply with CE standards.
Throughout the city, as well as outdoor appliances, they have been drawn up so
as to have no barriers.
The homes will be built with CLASS “0” Passive house
A passive house (Passivhaus according to the original term of the German language)
or passive building is a building that draws most of its energy requirements
by passive devices. A passive house is therefore a dwelling that assures thermal
comfort without or with a minimum of heating energy source inside the building
that is no heating system “conventional”, i.e. boiler, radiators or similar.
The house is called “passive” because the sum of the passive heat contributions
of solar radiation transmitted through the windows and the heat generated inside
the building by household appliances and by the occupants themselves are almost
sufficient to offset the losses of the housing during the cold season .
The architecture is an architecture that covers, with a series of passive devices, the
greatest share of the energy requirements of the buildings through hot flows and
cold stretches from the external environment. Since in any season the cold and
the heat outside they are not always available when useful, makes use of “heat
storage masses”, i.e. amounts of materials with high thermal capacity (specific
heat x = mass). Since building materials have specific heats little different from
each other (about ± 20% around the average value), to obtain effective thermal
storage makes heavy use of traditional materials (e.g. Stone, concrete, brick) or to
newly developed materials (e.g. PCM phase-change materials), in rare cases to
water tanks.
Such materials should be exposed to the inside environment for them to perform
their function of accumulation and release of heat and cool, or at most separated
from it by means of layers of materials highly heat conductive and fully adhered
to them.
It is for this reason that in buildings “light” are used against walls in clay raw or
cooked, or coatings with the most expensive plates loaded with phase change
materials to implement each of the heat storage capacity inside.




The foundations will be made of reinforced concrete, in a continuous stream, with reverse beams, calculated according to the actual carrying capacities of the land.


The dividing walls between units as well as the perimeter, floors, and roofs will respect the characteristics indicated by the report on the reduction of energy consumption and acoustics, as well as all applicable regulations. The perimeter wall will be built with double deck tile, thickness 12 cm + 8 cm thick with a layer of glass wool. 14.
The external pillars and external slab thickness will be coated in thickness cm polystyrene. 4.


Gutters, flashings and converse will be mm thick copper-colored aluminum sheet metal. 8/10, bent and shaped according to the building needs and complete the welds and seals needed. The vertical downspouts are made of mm thick coppercolored aluminum sheet metal. 6/10.


Gutters, flashings and converse will be mm thick copper-colored aluminum sheet metal. 8/10, bent and shaped according to the building needs and complete the welds and seals needed. The vertical downspouts are made of mm thick coppercolored aluminum sheet metal. 6/10.


The pipes for exhalation condensate of kitchen hoods, will be in PPH, with coupling with gasket. All kitchens are equipped with a hole for the external air intake (diameter cm. 160/200), according to current regulations, and positioned 40 cm from the hole centerline floor: the aperture will have an outdoor grill with anti-insect internal network.


Common parts
The walls of cellars and common steps will be in precast hollow concrete blocks REI 120, left visible.

All internal partitions will be perforated bricks thickness 8 cm (dimensions cm. 8x24x24) with interposed at the base a strip of sound-absorbing material of thickness 1 cm., Having the anti-noise function. The internal division between the residential units will consist of double plank hollow bricks (cm. 24x24x8) with interposed acoustic insulation.
The walls at the stairwells will be insulated with glass wool in a suitable thickness and controtavolato internal perforated 4.5 cm thick bricks. All insulations are made of materials having a density and thickness in accordance with Law no. 10 of 9 January 1991 regarding the “Rules for the Implementation of the Italian National Energy Plan”.


The flat roof will be waterproofed with two armed bituminous membranes with polyester, applied hot, with drafting the upper end of fabric - non-woven, in accordance with Law no. 10 of 9 January 1991 regarding the “Rules for the Implementation of the National Energy Plan”.
All flat waterproofing will be protected by means of subsequent draining synthetic cloth or applications of concrete protective cover.


All external plasters will be made with pre-mixed plaster finished with curl civilian.
Subsequently it will be performed painting with paint Quartz color chosen by the Works Management. The eaves and balconies will be plastered under the civil and painted with quartz paint. The facades of the building will be largely covered outdoor ceramic in big sizes, to design cutlery as recommended by the Works Management.


The lining of the walls of the bathrooms will be made of ceramic tiles, size 20x20 cm series Interior or similar current light color of your choice (excluding strong colors, patterns, strips, Greek etc.).
For bathing the coating it is provided on all the walls to a height of 100 cm (h = 200 cm in the shower area) but it is not expected any of fitted wall lining of the kitchen. The installation is of the type envisaged in the framework, straight and turn, with continuation of the floor joints for at least two of the framework paneled walls.
Skirtings internal to the individual housing units, will be in white lacquered wood with height 6 cm / 7x1 fixed to the wall with glue and nailing, and will cover the perimeter of all rooms (excluding coated walls).


Apartment windows
Windows and doors, are made of white lacquered wood, with wing opening, complete with hardware, handles in brushed steel, double seal and glass room in the following section mm. 6 / bedroom with gas Argon 18/6 to Low Emission magnetron with warm-edge spacer. The windows of bathrooms and kitchens, as well as opening a door, will also open transom.
The exterior doors will be mounted on fake wooden and aluminum frames, designed to ensure the thermal bridge attenuation.

External closures of windows and doors will be made of lacquered wood shutters color of your choice, swing on hinges to wall wardrobes and will be complete with closing hardware pre-painted iron.

The frames of the windows in the stairwells are made of single color pre-painted aluminum, with features and finishes chosen by the Works Management.

Fire doors, access doors, common rooms
The connecting door between ground floor used to garages and stairwells will be like “fire” approved. Where indicated in the tables of the Fire Brigade, it will be put in place of the fire doors certified under the norm CNVVF / CCI UNI 9723 with one or two leaves.
All other ports in the basement and the ground floor of technical rooms will be of service to MULTIUSO MR model type to a reversible swing and will have the following features: corner reversible frame, assembled, made of galvanized sheet steel profiles, complete with clamps for laying tiles or wall, bottom frame adaptable to the finished or removable floor.


Door of first entry to the residential units:
The doors of access to individual apartments will be of the armored type with a single leaf, with cylinder lock European type. The outer covering is made of lacquered wood finish and color chosen by the Works Departments.
The internal finishing panel to the property, will be the smooth type wood with lacquer finish in a coordinated to the color of interior doors.

Interior doors:
They will be a swing in smooth blind honeycomb wood finish lacquered MDF color white; mounted on the fixed frame and complete the architrave. Will be complete with handles with brushed steel finish and patent lock and key.

Technical areas:
The doors of technical rooms will be in sheet type mod. fire doors.


Each unit will be equipped with a wall-mounted video entry device (brand ELVOX or similar, white color) connected with the general external push-button panel placed at the entrance of the building.


The building will be equipped with an active video surveillance system 24 hours a 24, composed of at least 8 (eight) from external dedicated cameras installed on poles or on those of the external light, on the perimeter walls, fences or other. 
In the local counters, where it will present the common supply, you will install a digital video recorder.
The power line will be FG7OR Cable 0.6 / 1kV laid in cable ducts from the predisposed, while the signal cable will be laid in pipes prepared for the videophone.


For the lighting system of the common parts and stairwells is provided a series of luminaires along all paths and service spaces, driven in part by diverters with timed device and in part by solar twilight photocell (night light). It will comprehensively
lighting (recessed spotlights, wall or other on the Project Director) positioned on both scales bodies, both in the corridors and common passages of access to stairwells.


The water and sanitary system must meet all the requirements and standards required.
The drinking water distribution system will take place with the direct uptake from the mains through the general flow meter.
The plant will consist of the following elements:
• underground power network from the counter to the local waterworks;
• 1 automatic pressurisation group in the building services performed in accordance with the requirements by the lender,
• risers from the horizontal network to the metering modules in S.S. galvanized steel of suitable diameter with gate at the foot of each column, drain cock and device against water hammer at the top with air bell;
• Each column will have ramification for each apartment with bronze gate;
• hot and cold water distribution network for health care equipment of each unit
real estate. The domestic water distribution network (bathrooms and kitchen that will be equipped with gate valves), will be realized with multilayer pipes for cold water distribution, coated with anti-sheath, and hot water, insulated in accordance
with Law 10 \ 91, as amended.
The diameters of the distribution pipes, calculated according to the project, will be determined so as to allow an abundant flow in each dispensing point.
The drains will be in p.v.c. pipes with collars and seals, connected to the general vertical drainage system. As better specified hereinafter, plant the production of domestic hot water will be the centralized type by means of geothermal power plant.


The gas plant, to feed the stove, will start from the outer compartment of the meters until you reach the local cuisine of the individual units. The lines and exterior columns will be made of copper pipes to view and clear sky, according to executive project.
The internal branch of supply to the individual points of use will be made of copper pipe sheathed seamless and undercurrent.


The scale body is provided with an elevator system for the connection from the basement (entrance to the box) to the various floors of the building. The plant will be installed in the hydraulic type in accordance with current safety standards.


Location of gas meters and electricity
The gas meters and light the relevance of individual housing units, will be built on rooms or walls that are part of the condominium common property, according to the final design of the Project Manager and in accordance with the information and arrangement of the various Bodies supplying the service.

Pedestrian walkways and driveway access
The paving of the pedestrian routes of access to stairwells will be made of marble, porcelain or natural stone tiles in type and quality, as recommended by the Works Departments.
The paving of driveway access to the residential building and the inner courtyard when roofless, will be built using materials such as gneiss or split stone or chop saw or smoother, the self-locking blocks honeycomb for the realization of the driveway
green carpet or other materials and finishes according to the final design and choices of the project Director.

Outdoor areas lighting
The access driveway to the building and garden, will be lit up with 4 or 5 points of light, placed on low stakes (lanterns), walls or other depending on the detailed design developed by the Project Director.